HPS RTU – Combined control with online measurements and indications in one RTU

·      Connect signals from switchgear direct in RTU

·         Up to 7 MV sections

·         Multi language online Users Guide

·         Ready-for-run software  

·         Multi language web-based configuration



Number of digital inputs pr. MV section: 6

Signals pr. MV section: Circuit Breaker IN + OUT, Earthing switch IN + OUT, Local/Remote switch, Shortcircuit indicator

Digital outputs pr. MV section: 3 – Circuit breaker IN + OUT, Reset shortcircuit indicator

Supply voltage: 24 V.

Online MV measurements pr. MV section: RMS-voltage, RMS-current, directional active and reactive power

Indications pr. MV section: directional shortcircuit, directional earth fault

Supported protocols: IEC 60870-5-104, IEC 60870-5-101, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, DNP3

Expected service life of RTU: 15 Years

Available signals in section MAIN

  • 24 V. supply of switches
  • SF6 GAS tank 1 & 2 status
  • MAINS supply status
  • Low voltage battery status
  • 3G Modem reset
  • Relay for battery-test
  • Transformer voltage input
  • Input from current transformers

Available signals in MV section 1-7

    • DC Motor supply – 24 V. 5 A.
    • 24 V. supply of switches
    • Breaker IN/OUT status
    • Earth switch IN/OUT status
    • Local/Remote status
    • Short Circuit Indikator status
    • Breaker IN pulse
    • Breaker OUT pulse
    • Short Circuit Indicator RESET pulse
    • Voltage input
    • Current transformer






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